If you are a UHI user, you may login here:

Avoid having to verify your email address,
and drop-off files to non-UHI users.

Anyone may perform the following activities:

Drop-off (upload) a file for a UHI user (email verification required).
Pick-up (download) a file dropped-off for you.

Frequently asked questions:

Why use UHI Drop Box?

UHI Drop Box provides a convenient way of sharing files with people internal and external to the University. We have introduced this service to make it easy to share large files (>25Mb) which cannot be handled by UHI Mail.

Important Service Information: The purpose of this service is to transfer data and the files are NOT backed up. Users should maintain a copy of the file and carry out backups on that if required.

How long do files remain in UHI Drop Box?

Files remain in UHI Drop Box for 14 days after which they are automatically deleted from the system.

Can I still send attachments via University email?

Yes, you may send attachments which are < 25Mb.

Is the UHI Drop Box a secure way to send files?

Using UHI Drop Box has the same security level as sending an email. Anyone who knows the Claim ID and Passcode can download the file. If you need greater security for your files then you should password protect or encrypt your files before dropping them off.

How large can the files be?

1GB is the limit. Above this and your browser may fail to respond. Also keep in mind: The larger the file the longer it will take to drop off the file. Does the recipient have enough space to receive the file? If you are sending a large file, ensure that the recipient will have sufficient disk space to to download it either on their hard drive or USB key.

How can I notify someone that I have dropped off files for them to collect?

After you have dropped off/uploaded your files, an email is automatically generated and sent to the recipient (whose email address you would have entered on the web form). The email sent contains the Claim ID and Passcode for the file you have uploaded. Please take care to type the recipients address correctly and to separate multiple addresses with a comma (do not put extra spaces between addresses). Please note: the notification email will come from UHI Drop Box - not your email address.

I never received a notification email about a file dropped off for me, what can I do?

It is most likely that your email address was not entered correctly. You will need to double check with the sender and ask them to resend it to the correct address.

I have uploaded the wrong file/version of a file, can I remove the file I've uploaded?

Yes if the file has not already been picked up. Simply login to the dropbox service, select the Outbox tab. Click on the claim ID that you want to change (shown in red). You will then see in the top right hand corner options to Delete or Resend the file.

I've lost the email with the Claim ID and Passcode. Can you send it to me?

Unfortunately we cannot do this. You will need to ask the sender to resend the details to you.

Can I see a list of the files that I've dropped off?

No, this is currently not possible. You can only see a list of files that are waiting to be picked up by you. However we are hoping to add this feature in the near future.

Can I send to a mailing list in UHI Drop Box?

Yes, this should be possible now.

When I have tried to upload a file I receive the error 'forbidden file type' - what does this mean?

You have tried to upload a file which is not acceptable to send using UHI Drop Box Certain file extensions which are commonly used by viruses or that are capable of misuse, for example, .bat or .exe are automatically blocked.

I am an external user. Every time I try to drop off a file I see a screen prompting me to enter a UHI userid and password?

Please try deleting all of your temporary files, cookies, browsing history etc from the browser that you are using. Then try using the UHI Drop Box again.